Tuesday, May 26, 2009

"That’s no moon, it’s a space station!" -- Sci-fi Night at Reiter’s

Wednesday the 20th here at Reiter’s was an exciting day. The large convention in town, the 2009 Homeland Security Science & Technology Stakeholders Conference, drew a number of science fiction writers as well as scientists to Washington, so for one night Reiter’s decided to expand our science books to include select titles of science fiction from 11 different writers in the genre. Then we invited the 11 different sci-fi authors to come to the store and hold a discussion the night of the 20th. The gathering was a big hit with lots of lively discussion with the authors, snacks and drinks, and a large crowd of sci-fi fans. We even had a Washington Post reporter in attendance and an article mentioning the event on the front page of the Style section of the Washington Post. The Sci-fi night, as we here at Reiter’s like to call it, was a big hit and is an annual event here, so if you missed it this year or came and enjoyed it remember to stop by next year for more great science fiction and discussion with the authors of your favorite books.

Brendan Nichols

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