Friday, October 7, 2011

"The Edison of Our Time" - A Technical Bookstore Manager's Take on the Passing of Steve Jobs

Like everyone I was saddened to hear the news that Steve Jobs had died. In my nearly 20 years of working in a technical bookstore, I always thought we had three times as many PC books than Mac books, because there were three times as many users, including me. But over the years I came to also realized that most Mac users really did not need to buy an additional user manual . Macs were just that user friendly.

When we got the first Mac to use in our store, I could not help to
look for the rest of it. Where was the part that I usually kick my foot on under the desk?

Last year the owner of our store, who always refused to use the stores
computers, got an IPad. That small finger touch object, has transformed someone who I never thought would ever go near any computer product.

Steve Jobs helped reinvent our lives. He was a fearless visionary,
who never stopped working.

Being part of a small independent book business today, I feel struggle to keep up with the changes and always thinking about what it's like to have a real bookstore in today's ebook world. Taking a lesson from the work of Steve Jobs, we will continue to be fearless in tackling changes and continue to "Think Different".

Daphne G.

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